I’ve been thinking about patience lately. It seems to be something that keeps finding it’s way into my life lately. I find myself in situations where the only obstacle is time - waiting, boredom, restlessness. And the more I consider the concept of patience the more I feel that it is one of the most central skills there is. It nullifies so much of the things that create unease in life, it allows you to enjoy all parts of it, the cracks in between everything.

I’m not sure how exactly to go about building patience, it seems like an in depth study. Perhaps our awareness and willingness surrounding patience is all that we need to build it. It’s really more of a decision than anything else. A decision to respond to your situation with ease and levity and to accept the waiting. Perhaps even to appreciate it. This would be the ultimate incantation of the concept. To replace annoyance with contentness. Patience is also an odd decision because it’s one that you have to make over and over again. It comes to you time after time, begging to be broken, and to maintain patience you must repeatedly deny it this.